A Look At www.womenscheapcarinsurance.org.uk

One glance at the website www.womenscheapcarinsurance.org.uk will tell the visitor about the veracity and the quality of services that are being offered. To appreciate the overall impression of this site, let us break down its overall impression into several themes.


The initial impression that a viewer will receive is that the site appears to rather hastily strewn together. Unlike more streamlined platforms, there is no navigation bar to be found and if anything, it seems that the graphics are slightly too large to view on a standard computer screen. Although the flash picture presentation is striking in its quality, slower computers may have trouble loading it. Still, this is a technical problem more than a presentation issue.


One of the main sticking points with this website is the text and the syntax used. Sentences are not grammatically correct and these detract from the quality and the perceived professionalism offered. Furthermore, the amount of text on the homepage is entirely too much for most readers; they are likely to navigate to another site that presents the same information in a visually stimulating form (such as infographics).

Things to Change

The theme of car insurance needs to be made more authoritative in nature. Facts and figures should be presented alongside static text. Ideally, embedded hyperlinks to current news could also be easily implemented. A navigation bar should be placed at the very top or on the left-hand side of the primary page. The text should be shortened so that it only presents basic facts and calls to action. It is then up to the reader to travel to different pages within the site.

Another point of concern is the fact that upon choosing the "Contact Us" option, a disclaimer page is brought up which states that the site itself can only provide information in regards to website design; they have no authority to supply the user with data surrounding car insurance policies. So in essence, the homepage can be seen as misleading.

The simple layout of www.womenscheapcarinsurance.org.uk is fine but notwithstanding this feature, the site needs to make absolutely clear to the reader what it provides (and this should never contrast with the disclaimer page).